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Late Summer Vacation

And there is tranquility when escape is most needed, and calmness with the waves that wash away anxiety and fear.

This is the third part of my “Unexpected Vacation” series I spent with my friend, poet, artist, land artist, and reiki master, Boris Pecigoš. Or, better to say, this time it was the expected one, with an unexpected happiness feeling because during the last two days of my staying in Rijeka a young, talented Croatian author and my new friend ShadowBearer joined us!

From September 2-7, Kvarner and Istria were again in the focus of my attention. I hope these images portray at least some beauty of the places we have visited and the grand time we had there despite the sunburns all three of us got on the last day in Kostrena. Flower power trip

September 2-7, 2020


My vacation in Croatia: Rijeka, September 2-7, 2020

September 4, 2020

Voz, Omišalj

My vacation in Croatia: Voz, September 4, 2020
My vacation in Croatia: Voz, September 4, 2020
My vacation in Croatia: Omišalj, September 4, 2020

September 6, 2020


My vacation in Croatia: Kostrena, September 6, 2020

To be continued. I hope.


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